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 Reading Sites

Roy the Zebra 
Guided Reading and Reading Games with Roy the Zebra. Includes words that rhyme, high frequency words, capital letters, full stops and much more. K-3

Book Adventure

Book Adventure is a FREE reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 6,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they've read offline, and earn points and prizes for their literary successes. K-8

Bembo's Zoo  Watch how the letters of the alphabet re-form into animals. Preschool - K

Sesame Street Games Play over 100 games, hear your favorite theme songs, read interactive stories from Sesame Street.  Grades PreK-

My Hero: An Interactive Series

My Hero is a non-profit educational project that brings information to a global audience. From peacemakers such as Nelson Mandela to scientific visionaries such as Albert Einstein, visitors can explore historical and contemporary heroes. Visitors are also invited to create web pages about the people who inspire them, providing thousands of children and their parents a chance to tell their stories. Grades 2-12

Play this fun interactive game which is just like Hangman but instead you throw a bucket of water over a bear. The word lists include: Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Colour Words, Dolch action words, Number Words 1-16.

Room 108 Original Hangman

Play this fun interactive game which is like the regular Hangman. The word lists is the Common, Number, Animal, Bible and Colour Words.

K-8 Online Animated Interactive Lessons

Free animated online workbooks for the development of reading and math skills, Grades K-8. You can also print out free worksheets.  

Trivia games and word scrambles based on children’s books and movies. Visit the Trivia and Games section.  Grades K-5 

Building Language for Literacy  helps emerging readers identify letters, sounds, and words using interactive multimedia. PreK-K 

Starfall is a creative website designed to teach children to read. The interactive books available here have sound – so please turn your speakers on. Teacher may request free writing journals for classroom use that reinforce the sequential phonics lessons of each interactive book.  Grades Pre-K-1


Lil' Fingers Storybooks
Lil' Fingers Holidays

The Story PlaceThe Children's Digital Library
Fact or Opinion - Teaching and Learning Resources
Fact or Opinion - Quia
Point of View
New York State Elementary Test Prep
Drawing conclusions New York State
Main Idea New York State
The Literacy Center
Interactive Storybooks Clifford

Building Language for Literacy

Online literacy skill activities.  This site appears to be a product advertisement but scroll down to click a character to enter the online practice activities of oral language, phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, or concepts of print Grades K-3

Meet An Author

Choose from classical or current authors and learn more about them at this website.  Grades 1-4

Stories with adventure games.  Grades 1-3

The Reading Matrix

Online interactive reading resources that cover: Analyzing Text, Audio and Text, Proofreading, Reading Comprehension Advanced, Reading Comprehension Beginner, Reading Comprehension Intermediate, Short Stories, Vocabulary  Grades 3+

Aesop's Fables

Traditional and modern fables Illustrated and retold by art students at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst  Grades 3-8

Online Collection of 656+ Aesop's Fables

Reading Comprehension Tests

A collection of 7 reading passages with comprehension questions and answer key.  Grades 5-12

Mighty Books- a collection of books that are read to children, including books written by students. Students click on the appropriate age level and are given a series of books to choose from. Teachers can have students participate in a variety of contests.

Sesame Street Story Corner - provides animated stories and other activities for primary students.

Stapleless Book - allows students to select several format to create a simple book that can be printed.

Interactive Timeline - allows students to create timelines.


ABC Mommy and Me - an alphabet recognition program that displays the letter in uppercase and lowercase and if the student clicks on the letter it will say the letter.

Alphabet Action - displays the letters of the alphabet and students can click on a letter and see it, hear it, and see a word that begins with the selected letter.

Building Language for Literacy - student find matching letters and rhyming word at this site.

Chicken Stacker - students must select the word with the correct vowel sound.

Dolch Word Lists - provides 11 lists with the words and activities to have students participate in.

Early Childhood Learning Education Network - provides activities for primary students about colors, numbers, letters, shapes, words, and more. The activities are outstanding and do not require the students to read information.

Language Arts Activities - provides interactive activities for colors, numbers alphabet, spelling and more.

Learning Planet - provides interactive numbers, counting, and the alphabet.

Little Explorer's Picture Dictionary  - a dictionary for younger students.

Name Talk: Exploring Letter-sound Knowledge in a Primary Classroom (K-2) - students explore their knowledge of letter sounds then use a stapleless book tool on the Internet.

PBS Between the Lions- provides songs, stories, and activities.  Click on Games to see numerous engaging activities for practicing reading literacy skills.

Sadlier Oxford Phonics Activities - a great wealth of phonics activities for grades K-6.

StarFall - provides  activities that have students create words from onset and rimes. These activities reinforce the DIBELS Phonemic Segmentation Fluency and threading Strand 1, concept 2.

Prefix Skills - provides matching, concentration, word search and flash cards on prefixes. - Language Arts activities for grades K-2.

Rebus Rhymes - designed for children who are learning how to read and enjoy selecting the words they can read in their favorite nursery rhymes.

Online Stories

Animated Picture Book - a picture book story with animated pictures designed for primary students.


Kid's Place: Houghton Mifflin Reading - Vocabulary games for each story
Synonyms and antonyms
Antonym Matching Game
Word Builder Harcourt Spelling
Homographs Quia
Berenstain Bears Story Time
Voycabulary  Free online web Dictionary and Thesaurus linking reference tool.
Visual Dictionary Online  From Merriam Webster
Learning Vocabulary Fun Build vocabulary Skills, includes SAT vocabulary
Quiz Tree Call out a word and have students click on it. Grades K-3